We are among the first who are supplying Gear BoxesNow with experience of over a decade and backed by Quality Professionals, we are among the first who are supplying Gear Boxes, Geared Motors and Step less variators to the industry in desired specification and tolerances.

Worm Gear Motor

Worm Geared Reducer adopts high quality alluminium alloy die cast and the case adopts advanced cubic structure.

Cyclodical Geared Motor

Cyclodical Geared Motor B/JXJ SERIES Cyclodical Pin Wheel Reducer Adopt The Principle Of Planatery Gearing

TF-SERIES ( Shaft Mounted )

TF Series parallel shaft helical speed reducer have the feature of small volume.

Extruder Gearbox

According to the standard of JB/T8853-2001, the gear reducer for plastic extruding machines...

Stepless Variator

JWB-X SERIES Is Step Less Speed Variator This Is A New Type Of Variator.


Z SERIES Gear Units can rotate in either clockwise or anticlockwise and adopt a structure design.

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